calculatorHow can CFO Relief help me if I already have a CFO or a Controller?

We can assist your team with due diligence projects, cash flow analysis or other projects. If you have a controller and/or a bookkeeper we can  be your part-time CFO. It can be as little as a few hours a month. Most work can be done remotely.

What is the difference between a CFO and a Controller?

The CFO is the highest ranking financial official in a company. The CFO makes financial appropriations, authorizes expenditures and helps with significant decision making on both a strategic and tactical level. The CFO takes a more forward looking view than the controller. The CFO is responsible for treasury functions (cash), financing, legal, external accountants, projecting, forecasting, and planning. The CFO provides a picture of the future to the CEO, the Board of Directors and the shareholders.

The Controller manages the accounting staff and is responsible for ensuring the company’s transactions are properly recorded and that financial statements are prepared monthly in accordance with GAAP.

It is advisable to have a CFO in addition to the Controller. For smaller companies the CFO or Controller can be a part-time non-employee which significantly reduces the costs and commitment of a full time employee. We have some start up companies with no CFO or Controller that use CFO Relief to manage their accounting/finance for just a few hundred dollars a month.

Is my company too small to benefit from CFO or Controller services?

Small companies and larger companies benefit from having a CFO/Controller.  Small companies may not need CFO/Controller services 40 hours a week.  Small companies can still get the benefit of an experienced and qualified CFO/Controller by using a part-time CFO/Controller or fractional CFO/Controller. A company with no revenues can still benefit with the services of a part-time CFO/Controller or fractional CFO/Controller which is what CFO Relief provides. Your company will appear to be bigger than it is with a CFO/Controller which is beneficial when negotiating with customers, vendors and banks.  Call us now at 919-475-6707.

Will my proprietary information remain confidential?

Yes.  CFO Relief executes a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with all of its clients.

Can’t my CPA tax preparer firm do what you are doing?

No.  Your independent CPA can not provide the same services we provide. They are ethically required to remain independent from certain functions in your business. They most likely have not had the responsibility, experience and accountability as a CFO. A good CFO has had first-hand experience in administration, management accounting, purchasing, production, legal, human resources, contracting, facilities, negotiations and be business savvy. This is what we provide.

I need help but do not want to commit to a part-time CFO or part-time Controller. How can CFO Relief help?

We can work on a project basis and you can limit the hours per week or per month.  We can do a project for the business plan, budget process, audit preparation, quarterly reporting, board meeting preparation or year-end closing.  You can use us when your operational needs exceed the abilities or time of existing staff.

There are no long-term contracts to sign to use CFO Relief.

The services of CFO Relief are not designed to take the place of your CPA tax preparer.  In fact, using CFO Relief will actually simplify things for your CPA tax preparer and reduce the expense of your CPA.

How much will this cost?

We will meet with you for no charge. We will discuss what you need and discuss how CFO Relief can assist you.  Services can be as little as one hour a month.  No long-term contracts are needed. We can do a lot of work remotely. Just call us to discuss.

Call Steve now at 919-475-6707 or email at Steve@CFORelief.com