Company stages

towerWe have served as senior financial leaders in all stages of a company’s life cycle.


We provide advice in defining the market, developing a business model, financing, human resources, capital raising assistance and basic accounting supervision.

We assist companies with only an owner and no employees yet as they begin to organize their business. We assist individuals desiring to start a business but who have not yet even formed a company.


We assist companies creating the infrastructure of an operating business including pricing, marketing, selling, human resources, corporate governance and supervision of accounting.   Advice is available for banking, budgeting, forecasting, expense management, purchasing, compensation plans, stock option plans, auditing, policies, procedures, cash management, intellectual property and securing additional financing.


We can assist with international operations, consolidated location financial reporting, transfer pricing, budgeting, forecasting, purchasing, cash management, banking, longer term planning and securing additional financing. We can assist with an expansion capital round.

Whichever stage your company is in, contact us via phone at 919-475-6707 or email 7 days a week as a question or concern comes up.